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YSL Y EDP Perfume is a masculine scent inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s trademark white t-shirt and black jacket. It is a mix of freshness and strength. Notes of bergamot, sage, and ginger, much like a crisp white t-shirt, create a bright juicy freshness that defies convention and exceeds all expectations.Launched in 2019, this seductive fragrance hooks you in immediately. Y signature scent is bold and woody, the sophisticated notes of geranium and sage make it one of a kind. It won’t be wrong to say that masculinity is redefined by this fragrance! Top Notes: Bergamot, Aldehydes, Mint, Lemon, and Ginger Middle Notes: Sage, Geranium, Apple, Violet Leaf, and PineappleBase Notes: Incense, Cedar, Musk, Vetiver Ambergris, and Balsam FirCREATED BY DOMINIQUE ROPIONThe nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion, who created it for Generation Y, hence the name Y. It captures the spirit of the young generation and offers them something different to wear. This perfumer has created several other icon scents including Lancome La Vie. The first Y fragrance was his creation! LIFE CYCLE, WAKE, AND STRENGTH YSL Y EDP is really enticing and has a wonderful scent. It has a lot of similarities to other popular scents, but a feature that sets it apart is that it uses distinctive notes. The apple, bergamot, and sage notes are the best ones. The crispness, the fresh, alluring aroma, together make it an excellent perfume.When you apply it, you are welcomed by fresh notes of ginger and bergamot which are enhanced by the scent of green juicy apples. Then, juniper and sage kick in for masculinity. Followed by his comes the elegance of lavender and geranium. These are two of the notes that are considered the heart of the Y scent. Sensual wood and warm tanka beans are uncovered followed by smoky vetiver. Everything is so divine! Some people have criticized YSL Y EDP and said it’s safe and familiar. Despite that, men still love it because it’s a reliable fragrance. The fresh, woody, spicy, and fougere touches make it every man’s smell. Just be sure not to overapply it. The longer it lasts on your skin, the more the notes are going to change and you will love every bit of the scent. WHEN TO WEAR YSL Y EDP?YSL Y EDP is one of those fragrances which you can wear without thinking too much. Men like to wear it almost everywhere from the gym to a date night, cocktail parties, and other suitable occasions.It’s not one of those seasonal scents. Rather, you can wear it proudly all year round. Y is a fragrance for those who dare to ask “why not?”Apply the YSL Perfume to clean and dry skin. For more intensity, apply it to your hot spots like pulse points, lower neck, and inner elbow. The heat of your body will allow the fragrance to reveal its complete trial. For the intensity of the trial, apply it to your shoulders and back. Shop now with Fragrance Heaven!

Specifications of YSL Y 100ML EAU DE PARFUM PERFUME (EDP) | Brand new 100% original / authentic | Perfume for Men | FRAGRANCE HEAVEN

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